A festival of all things gourmet…
Come and experience the best this great state has to offer at this fiesta of food!

Hot food stations, baked goods, handcrafted spice blends, WA honey and preserves, beer and wine and loads more gastronomical delights.

You can even buy kitchenware and foodie themed gifts.

Enjoy a meal or snack while you listen to our live music.
Set in the stunning seaside location of Point Peron, there are indoor stalls in air-conditioned comfort, and outdoor stalls on the lush grass.

View our amazing vendors in the images below.

Here’s an article by Rhiannon from Weekend Notes about this event! EAT – Fabulous Food Festival

Register your interest by clicking HERE.

Oohlala Preserves

Artisan Jams and Sauces

Sub Zero Gelato

Artisan Gelato

Food Allergy Alternative Store

Allergy Free Treats

Piadina Bar

Handmade Italian Flatbreads

Black Bean Coffee Bar

Delicious Coffees


Drink Mixes

Beachwood Timber Products

Handcrafted Grazing Boards

Tokyo Baby Cakes

Panda Shaped Waffles

Bee Popped

Salted Caramel Popcorn

MCK's Knives

German Knives

Seed Sister

Seed Mix

New York Hotdog

Street Style Hotdogs

Steak and Crepes

Freshly Made Food

Sunset Coast

Real Fruit Ice Cream

Melicious Gourmet

Ribs and Chicken

The Croquetas Bar

Spanish Delicacies

Natural Storage Company

Wax Wraps

Sally's Satay

Authentic Malay Satay

Savvy Jerky

Quality Beef Jerky

Cravin' Donuts

Fresh Hot Donuts


Cakes & Gourmet Delights

Karma Rottnest Resort

Food & Accommodation Deals

Mousetrap Fremantle

Gourmet Cheese

Anita Downes

Fabulous Musician

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