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We’d like to introduce you to one of our amazing MiLi vendors, Jenny Minifie from Essential Magnesium. Jenny is a very popular stallholder as people are discovering what a difference magnesium can make when your body receives an adequate supply! Essential Magnesium was developed whilst Jenny was studying her Masters of Human Nutrition at university where she learnt the body’s requirement for magnesium. During her studies Jenny started to create a magnesium cream in the hope to help her mother who had many aches and pains affecting her quality of life. Then she started giving it out to other family and friends over several years, many of whom were taking magnesium tablets which were not being absorbed!  The cream helped Jenny’s mum tremendously along with others and her ...

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Welcome to our Blog. In this first article we have come up with our top tips for success at running a market stall, we hope it helps you!     •    Get the word out there! As soon as you are confirmed at the market, start promoting your attendance. Use your social media accounts, share on your personal Facebook wall and post about attending in market groups and pages like and This gets people excited about attending the event which means more customers for you! You can also advertise with MiLi Markets from as little as $5 and we will promote your attendance to our 8000+ followers.     •    Be Organised! Make a list of what you need to take to market ...

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