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Mili Markets is Supporting Comfort Quilts Against Cancer – Will You? image

When we started MiLi Markets in July 2014 to help small businesses during those quiet winter months, we also knew that we would look for ways to help meaningful charities when we could. Four years later, our passion for running markets and helping small businesses burns as strongly as ever and when we came across Bronwyn, the lady behind "Comfort Quilts Against Cancer" guess what happened? The MiLi Market Fund Raising event to support Comfort Quilts Against Cancer was born. This event will be held on the 23rd of April from 10 am to 4 pm, at the Swan Italian Sporting Club in Middle Swan. There will be a wide variety of food vans, great music and lots of free ...

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Our BIGGEST ladies night ever! image

With our biggest ever Ladies Night Market looming at Joondalup Resort, 19 August  we thought we’d introduce to you a few of the amazing stalls that will be showcasing their products on the night. KOOKERY This will be Kookery’s first market ever and to make it special they are offering Brie Happy bags for $24.95 on the night. What can Kookery do for you?  Do you need to Quirk your Kitchen?  Create a stir & conversation at your next dinner party?  Find that perfect gift for a friend or family member?  Kookery is made for your kitchen and they love to celebrate your daily rituals! Their designs come from pieces of kitchenalia, photographed and then rendered in silhouette, showing off ...

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Tips for Market Stallholders image

Welcome to our Blog. In this first article we have come up with our top tips for success at running a market stall, we hope it helps you!     •    Get the word out there! As soon as you are confirmed at the market, start promoting your attendance. Use your social media accounts, share on your personal Facebook wall and post about attending in market groups and pages like and This gets people excited about attending the event which means more customers for you! You can also advertise with MiLi Markets from as little as $5 and we will promote your attendance to our 8000+ followers.     •    Be Organised! Make a list of what you need to take to market ...

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