We’d like to introduce you to one of our amazing MiLi vendors, Jenny Minifie from Essential Magnesium. Jenny is a very popular stallholder as people are discovering what a difference magnesium can make when your body receives an adequate supply!
jenny minifie
Essential Magnesium was developed whilst Jenny was studying her Masters of Human Nutrition at university where she learnt the body’s requirement for magnesium. During her studies Jenny started to create a magnesium cream in the hope to help her mother who had many aches and pains affecting her quality of life. Then she started giving it out to other family and friends over several years, many of whom were taking magnesium tablets which were not being absorbed!  The cream helped Jenny’s mum tremendously along with others and her business was developed.
Jenny still recalls her very first Market, yes a MiLi Market at Burswood late last year! Her business has grown ever since…
Essential Magnesium now provides a unique range of fast acting magnesium creams, oil sprays and bath flakes to assist your body to function effectively for health and vitality. Their products are specially formulated to enhance recovery from aches and pains, migraines, restless legs, cramps and enhance your general health and wellbeing! Transdermal magnesium is the most efficient way to increase your magnesium and provide relief from various ailments, studies show that everyone can benefit from additional magnesium!
 When your body is given abundant magnesium:
*Muscles are relaxed
*Your heart beats perfectly
*Your body moves smoothly
*Your mind is calm and collected…
*Your cells produce energy
*You become completely energised
*Your blood vessels become relaxed
*Your sleep is deeper
essential magnesium stall
Why does magnesium work? Unfortunately Magnesium is no longer readily available in our soils or food supply and is depleted very quickly in our body with our modern lifestyle!  It is used in so many processes in the body from energy production, reducing inflammation and pain pathways, relaxation, circulatory health and carbohydrate metabolism to name just a few.  Magnesium works so efficiently as it is giving the body what it needs to function properly and to heal where required.  Research shows that most people absorb little magnesium in tablet form and many powders cause unpleasant digestive distress! Applying magnesium to the skin is most efficiently absorbed straight into your cells within 10 minutes of applying, providing fast relief!
essential magnesium
Essential Magnesium is a small local WA business who supports other small local businesses by purchasing ingredients for their products locally wherever possible! All their creams and oils are made right here in Perth. We’re thrilled that Jenny and Essential Magnesium are part of the MiLi family!