StallHolders Testimonials

Fluro Sugar is a proud supporter of MiLi. They are one of our favourite and most successful markets to attend. Stall prices are worth every cent and it’s quite clear to see exactly where our stall costs are used in the running of events. The venues are wonderful, their advertising is amazing and set up details are organised to the final detail. Lisa and Michelle are professional, supportive and extremely well organised. They make every business feel like a member of the MiLi family. It’s amazing to see how much they care about each and every small business that passes through their doors. As a vendor I would highly recommend MiLi markets to any business.

Meagan Hauser

Fluro Sugar
“We have had the pleasure of being a part of many events Lisa and Michelle have held since 2014.
They are professional, kind, caring businesswomen. Always ready to help where needed and do all things with integrity. We look forward to continual participation in events they organise.”


Sue & Amie

Crafty Hearts

“I love being a stall holder with MiLi Markets. The cost of stalls is very reasonable and the variety of stall sizes offered are a boon to those who don’t require the standard 3x3m stall. Michelle and Lisa are extremely professional. They work tirelessly before and during each event to make sure your market experience is phenomenal. Their support is invaluable. The markets are well advertised and well attended. I can’t speak highly enough of the MiLi Market experience. Definitely a high quality market.”

Roxi Moore

Bear Biz
“Witherspoon’s Pure Skin Care has been involved in Mili Markets for some time now. Lisa and Michelle do a great job! They are not only competent, but they are also friendly and helpful. The venues are very good and the Ladies Night markets are really fun. Sometimes I wish I could be a customer instead of a stallholder.”


Kathy Witherspoon

“I started as a stall owner with Mili Market over a year now. Lisa & Michelle are very friendly, well organised, provide a fantastic service & always promotes their markets & the stall holders very well. Great atmosphere, live music and good food, with each event growing more than the previous. Love Mili Markets, well done Lisa & Michelle!”


Latifa Haque

Stellar Cryptic Creations
“The women behind MiLi Markets are amazing. They are quick to respond to any questions regarding their events and outline requirements and restrictions quite clearly. Michelle and Lisa plan and organise the markets down to the finest detail and provide all stall holders with great plans for setup. Their markets always have a wide variety of stalls, meaning anyone who attends will find something to interest them and get them coming back next time! The venues are interesting which adds to the atmosphere and each market is enjoyable and interesting making the shopping experience pleasurable for everyone. By far the best and most organized markets in WA.”


Emily Symons

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