StallHolders Testimonials

“The Mili Markets founders Lisa and Michelle I believe are up there with the best event organisers that I have worked with over the past few years. These two ladies work tirelessly on finding amazing venues and conducting the most incredible ladies nights across Perth. They are both very professional, honest and trustworthy. As a stallholder their events are always so successful and there is always a great vibe at their events.”


Natalie Bradley

“I have done most of the MiLi markets and events since March. I started doing the ECU in Mt Lawley, then Joondalup, and then went over to do their Ladies Nights as well. There are a couple reasons why I love MiLi. It is the way they welcome their stallholders and take care of us, and show interest in how us stallholders are doing, as well as how well they organise their events and backing it up with advertising and doing all they can to make it a successful event. I will definitely be part of MiLi markets as much as I can, because they do a great job, are great people, and this is also seen by the number of people coming as guests as well!”


L:ene McConnell

“I started as a stall owner with Mili Market over a year now. Lisa & Michelle are very friendly, well organised, provide a fantastic service & always promotes their markets & the stall holders very well. Great atmosphere, live music and good food, with each event growing more than the previous. Love Mili Markets, well done Lisa & Michelle!”


Latifa Haque

Stellar Cryptic Creations
“Witherspoon’s Pure Skin Care has been involved in Mili Markets for some time now. Lisa and Michelle do a great job! They are not only competent, they are friendly and helpful. The venues are very good and the “Ladies Night” markets are often really fun. Sometimes I wish I could be a customer instead of a stallholder.”


Kathy Witherspoon

“I have done a few markets around Perth and the MiLi Markets are by far the best organised, are very well promoted and the owners Michelle and Lisa are such lovely ladies. The Joondalup Night Market was so successful traffic was backed up to the freeway exit. My only issues has ever been that I’m so busy on my stall I don’t get a chance to wander around and go shopping.”


Kirsta Docherty
“The women behind MiLi Markets are amazing. They are quick to respond to any questions regarding their events and outline requirements and restrictions quite clearly. Michelle and Lisa plan and organise the markets down to the finest detail and provide all stall holders with great plans for setup. Their markets always have a wide variety of stalls, meaning anyone who attends will find something to interest them and get them coming back next time! The venues are interesting which adds to the atmosphere and each market is enjoyable and interesting making the shopping experience pleasurable for everyone. By far the best and most organized markets in WA.”


Emily Symons

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Lisa & Michelle from Mili Markets. These ladies have made it their passion to showcase the small and hand made businesses. Their markets are well organised and the venues are well researched. They go above and beyond to host a successful event. I thank them for all their hard work and passion.”


Vivien Scullion

Mivian Designs

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